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Monday, 9 May 2011

Savita Bhabhi reincarnated as Sheetal Bhabhi

Savita Bhabhi, the eponymous cyber comic strip that chronicled the sexcapades of a middle class Indian housewife, has inspired a film.
Its pubescent obsession with sex earned the website a million hits; her appetite for salesmen and the neighbouring boys made her the darling of an entire nation of cyber addicts.
Until the prudes killed Savita Bhabhi, the Madame Bovary of the internet generation. Yet love, as they say, never dies., a raunchy website that became a rage for its detailing of small town aesthetics and its lurid chronicling of a randy housewife, will now be seen on the big screen.
India's favourite sister-in-law will be rechristened as Sheetal Bhabhi in a film titled
C M Jain, a regular visitor on the website, will helm the direction. He said, "The savitabhabhi website was very popular and everyone was aware of it. The plot interested me and I am certain that it will interest everyone."
Jain started shooting for the film six months ago; in film trade parlance it will be coming to a cinema near you by March end.
The movie stars Heena Rehman in the lead (her prior claim to fame is the Bollywood turkey I Am Proud To Be an Indian, co-starring comrade Sohail Khan); Jatin Grewal will play her husband (he, in turn, was in the 2001 box-office disaster Rahul, directed by Prakash Jha).
The movie also stars Shakti Kapoor and Vikas Kalantri in pivotal roles. "My movie is about a wife who hits on her husband's friends. In the end it is revealed that the couple has planned this entire drama in order to avenge their friends."
Unlike the website, this movie won't be pornographic, Jain adds. "It is a comedy. There is nothing pornographic or sleazy in the film.
The motif of a woman obsessively seducing men will be writ large, but there is nothing vulgar in the film."
When quizzed about whether he had spoken to the website or its owners on making a film derived from savitabhabhi, he said, "I haven't spoken to them and I didn't feel the need.
This is my inspiration and I have just used a few punch lines from their comic strip."
The Cultural Currency of Savita Bhabhi
Savita Bhabhi was a cartoon porn website, featuring explicit depictions of the adventures of a housewife called Savita.
The site became the subject of much debate when it was banned, since pornography is illegal. The website, which initially was free, became a subscription only entity.
On 3 June 2009 the government of India banned the site, something that instigated a debate on censorship and freedom of expression.
Following the ban the Savita Bhabhi site continues to be popular in India.
According to Alexa, a subsidiary company of, the website is currently among the 100 most popular sites in India, and over 80% of the traffic to the site comes from here.

Sheetal Bhabhi Comedy

Sheetal Bhabhi Comedy is expected to be a great Bollywood comedy. Sheetal Bhabhi is of Bollywood is greatly inspired by the Savita Bhabhi of Infamous Banned Porn toon website

According to sources, is full of comedy and free from vulgarity. Bollywood movie lovers can enjoy the upcoming movie Sheetal Bhabhi dot com. Sheetal in the movie is played by the Bollywood actress Heena Rehman while Jatin Grewal from Bollwood has played as the husband of Sheetal Bhabhi.

Shakti Kapoor is also having role in the movie is ready to release is the first of its kind movie which has been inspired by the India's first porn toon star Savita Bhabhi. The infamous website was banned in India by the Indian government after pressure from the civil society.

Sheetal Bhabhi was created through inspiration of website and according to Creative director of upcoming movie Mahendra Dhariwal, is free from vulgarity and full of comedy.

As the movie title is making buzz around on the internet and in media, it seems people are eagerly waiting to compare two bhabhi's of India.

The Movie shooting was started almost 8 months back and movie is almost ready and will be released soon.

Sheetal Bhabhi to hit big screen on 15th April

Sheetal Bhabhi to hit big screen on 15th April is upcoming Bollywood movie scheduled to release on 15th April 2011. Movie is ready to release next month.

Sheetal Bhahbi is inspired by infamous Savita Bhabhi and want to exploit the popularity all around the country and abroad earned by Savita Bhabhi which was the first Indian port toon star.

As the was having pornographic content but is free from any kind of pornography.

Though the movie has some skin show but it is going to be a great comedy show according to the Director and creative director of movie.

Wait till April 15, 2011 for Bollywood comedy which is next to Munni and Shiela and Going to Reign in India for longer duration.

Munni ki Badnami and Shiela ki Jawani ab Dekho Sheetal Bhabhi ki Kahani

It was Munni ki Badnami and Shiela ki Jawani in 2010 which was buzzing around in the Bollywood. In 2011, Bollywood is coming up with its own Sheetal Bhabhi, which is a comedy movie of Bollywood little bit inspired by the infamous and banned

As per the sources and media, upcoming movie is nothing pornographic or something like that. It is a 100 percent comedy movie according toe director and creative director of the Movies Sheetal Bhabhi Dot Com.

Savita Is banned for her unacceptable behavior in India society. The creator of comic Mr Deshmukh / Agarwal from UK brought that character in 2008 and later banned by Indian government in 2009 through amendment in IT act in Parliament of India.